I’ve been reporting, writing and opining since fifth grade, when I started documenting my family life in a small notebook hidden in my backpack. I had my first byline at 16, an event so life-changing that I burst into my best friend’s history class to scream, “LOOK AT THIS!” while pointing at my name in print.

I’ve pretty much been at it ever since, and am currently in my sweet spot of cultural commentary as a featured Sunday op-ed columnist at the Arizona Daily Star. I write from a center-left perspective on some issues and a center-right position on others, something that seems to drive this polarized world just a little bit crazy.

My primary interests lie in education, public policy, racial justice, parenting and the Catholic Church. My life – and writing – is informed by Catholicism, which makes me a huge proponent of the concept of the common good. I know in my heart that we would fare better as a society if everyone realized individual actions often affect other people (and our planet), and I’m not afraid to say so in my writing. 

My professional history and samples can be found here for those interested, but suffice it to say I’ve been doing this for a long time and the words award-winning have been used to describe me. (Also used: tool of Satan, God-freak, liberal, conservative, and, according to my favorite person, “Best Nana.”)

I’m an outdoor enthusiast, coffee snob, British-TV lover and resident Catholicism expert. When time allows, I work on two novels, spend time on Instagram here, and listen to a lot of anti-racism podcasts. I stretched myself recently by learning how to make really good sourdough bread and doing live storytelling about cake saving the day and people saving each other.

My public speaking wheelhouse includes parenting, education, mental illness, the Catholic Church, and the intersection between faith and public life. My talks on the latter have been called informative and funny, especially if you’re drinking a margarita. Please feel free to reach out via email at rshorton08 (at) gmail (dot) com.