I’ve been reporting, writing and opining since fifth grade, when I started documenting my family life in a small notebook hidden in my backpack. I had my first byline at 16, an event so amazing that I burst into my best friend’s history class to scream, “LOOK AT THIS!” while pointing at my name in print. I’ve pretty much been at it ever since. Currently, I’m a featured op-ed writer at the Arizona Daily Star every other week, writing from a center-right perspective on many issues and a center-left on others. Makes me pretty much a centrist, which drives our black-versus-white world just a little bit crazy.

I started my professional life as a food writer and education reporter, then moved to a freelance career selling weekly columns to various newspapers and writing features and op-eds for the Catholic press. I’ve won some awards for my work in all these areas, and gotten to interview some amazing people including the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Shaquille O’Neal and Gloria Steinem. For selected work samples – including that interview with Steinem – and a complete work history, click here.

ReneeWroteThis is cultural commentary with some humor thrown in for good measure. I believe strongly in the common good, an idea that has fallen out of favor in our hyper-individualized world, and think we would all do better if we realized our actions affect other people — and the planet.

I love really good coffee and chocolate, funny movies and being active outside. I’ve never met a stranger, have survived improv classes and performed live storytelling here and here. I’m the co-founder of four amazing young adults and am wrapped around the finger of a 3-year-old grandson. If I could invite three people to dinner, they would be the late Erma Bombeck, my mother and my Aunt Ann.