A fight we need not have

USA Today, which is the flagship of the corporation that is selling/closing my newspaper, has a really great column today on science vs. religion, the most trenchant part of which is in the first 50 words:

“Many Americans still reject evolution, which is viewed by some as a threat to the foundation of faith. On the contrary, religion answers the ‘Why?’ while science answers the ‘How?’ This is a fight we need not have.”

Amen, I say to the blogger/columnist who penned those words. It simply isn’t worth the bickering.

One Reply to “A fight we need not have”

  1. In high school, I wrote a “creation story” piece on why I thought “Adam” and “atom” might be similarly named for a reason. I’ve never understood why evolution and religion have to be separated out. Why can’t they walk hand in hand? (Hearing “Kumbaya” in the background…)


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