Stuff that bugs me

File this under the “and more” part of God Blogging: This weekend was full of STUFF THAT BUGS ME. Maybe you all have had similar experiences, or other pet peeves you want to share – feel free. But this stuff really gets on my nerves:

1. Parents who bring their small children to non-G-rated movies, especially parents who bring their small children to R-rated movies. Come on, folks, it costs just as much to bring them into the theater and feed them as it does to find a babysitter. Not to mention, you don’t have to whisper the whole time, “It’s not real honey, just close your eyes at the scary parts.” Visit a parenting Web site or pick up a parenting magazine or take a parenting class. Sadly, intelligent, informed parenting doesn’t automatically come with the birth – you have to work at it.

2. People who step into the street without looking for cars. People who step off of curbs outside of stores and into the parking lot without looking for cars. People who stand in the driving thoroughfare of a parking lot chatting with each other, not caring about the cars trying to get through.

Look both ways, will ya?
Look both ways, will ya?

3. People who litter. Anywhere, anytime. Lazy bums.

4. People who kill their children slowly by allowing them to eat junk – or just plain eat too much – in spite of the kids already being overweight. Ditto for parents who allow unfettered access to video games, television, computer, when the kid is overweight. This weekend, during a 10-minute trip to Target, I saw one – 1!!! – normal-sized kid. I counted 15 (15!!!) overweight ones, all between the ages of about 4 and 12. I think this should be labeled for what it really is: Child neglect/abuse. Pediatricians should be able to hand out fines to parents who bring in overweight children because it sure ain’t the 5-year-old who is buying his Happy Meal.

5. Rude senior citizens. Just because you lived to 60 or 65 or 75 or 80 doesn’t give you the right to treat the saleswoman, waiter, taxi driver, busboy, etc., like your personal slave or talk down to teenagers as though they are less than human. You should be setting a good example by virtue of your wisdom and age … not making everyone around you equally grumpy. Yes, you may be in pain or exhausted – like so many in the world – but its no excuse to yell at a cashier in a grocery store because she is telling you that the thing you thought was on sale is, in fact, not on sale.

What bugs you? Do you have solutions for those irritations?

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19 Replies to “Stuff that bugs me”

  1. Seeing parents spank their children or speak derisively to them in public bugs me, and loud talking in the public libraries.  Of course the ubiquitous cell phone going off at weddings, funerals, lectures, in movies, etc. irritates a lot. And finally,  people who promise they will call you about something, but don’t.


    1. Absolutely on the parents deriding kids in public. sometimes they are just tired, and need a break, or a distraction (the parents AND the kids) but it is still upsetting.


  2. I’m with you on the oblivious pedestrians – or those that defiantly walk in front of your car, giving you direct eye contact as if DARING you to hit them.
    If you’re going to jaywalk, at least do it right.


  3. I’m not quite there yet, but I for one am really looking forward to getting to that age where I can be a grumpy old man.  The prospect of blocking up the checkout lane while I go over each and every item and then insist they forgot to give me my senior discount has me very excited.  My daughter often asks me why I’m so nice to people, so I guess I have some work to do. 


  4. I agree wholeheartedly with the oblivious pedestrian. Whatever happened to the childhood training of  “stop, look both ways then cross.” I think it’s non-existant today. As for one of my own pet peeves, one thing I noticed after moving to Arizona is that no one here knows what a turn signal is for. I’ve had way too many close calls. Good thing for me, my mother paid for me to have defensive driving lesson when I was a teenager before she ever let me loose behind the wheel.


  5. Bicyclists riding two abreast with one being outside the bicycle lane causing me to RISK MY LIFE to get around the FOOLS.  I have images of popping my passenger door open.  I wouldn’t of course but it makes me feel better to think it!


    1. I am in total agreement on the bicyclists riding abreast outside the bike lane!

      Tailgating instead of passing really bothers me, as do those folks that leave their brights on coming toward you.


  6. When changing lanes, seems some drivers think since they put the turn signal on then everyone should either speed up to get out of their way, or slow down so they can get over in front of you. A guy did this to me just the other day. He started yelling at me at the light because I couldn’t get out of his way (soon enough). He yelled, “Didn’t you see my turn signal”? Like you can just automatically get over once that thing is on.
    I was taught to wait till everyone was out of my way before I try to get into another lane…as apposed to my turn signal telling them they better haul butt and move cuz I’m coming whether you’re there or not.


    1. So true, azmouse! I think maybe it is because we’re the “wild west” out here…. but then again, my husband says its worse in Boston, so maybe poor driving habits cross all boundaries.


      1. I have to say, you’re coming up with some great topics to rouse discussion.
        Keep up the good work!


  7. LOL.  All the above.
    I recently was in sunflower market and had a tray of wheatgrass – in my own cart.  My son was running his fingers over the grass feeling it.  I don’t care.  An elderly woman came up and slapped his hands and told me he was getting germs all over the grass.  She looked at him, stuck her face in his, and said, “nasty, nasty child.”  I was too shocked to speak while my son looked up at me with horror.  When I passed her later I muttered something about hoping I didn’t end up grumpy when I got old.  It was the one time in his whole life my son didn’t point and go “who her?”  The only time I wanted him to, haha.
    As far as the kids at movies – that makes me mad too.  Harkins Theater has childcare there for about the same price as the movie.
    My personal pet peeve is squatters with bad aim….I wish everyone would just sit their butt on the toilet seat.  I’m tired of seeing them splattered (and not even wiped) and also have had some bad experiences with people missing the toilet entirely in the stall next to me.
    I am NOT joking – I was at a nice Italian restaurant a few years ago and someone missed in the next stall.  They got my shoe.  I loudly exclaimed “Omygawd GROSS!  GROSS!”  The lady came out (very nicely dressed and elegant looking by the way) and peered into my stall!!  And then she glared with the one eyeball I could see through the crack!
    I said, “What the hell are you doing? ” and grabbed the TP with an obvious sense of purpose and she ran out.  I went back to the table and asked the hubby if he saw someone come out of the bathroom before me.   He said, ya, some lady came out, grabbed her companion in the bar area and they ran out the door.
    It gives new meaning to being the victim of a hit-and-run.
    Unless you have some serious physical deformities or a great misunderstanding of how to use the loo, when you sit on the seat it should just be the backs of your thighs hitting the seat – the same part that hits benches and chairs when you wear shorts.  Of course, the squatters make the seats dangerous for everyone.


    1. bjay-Hello again!
      First of all, I would have knocked the crap outta that old lady for laying a hand on your sweet son, the animal lover! I’m so livid someone would do that. (I also know what it’s like to be caught so off-guard, you regret you didn’t respond differently) I absolutely love people so much, but for her to do that is unbelievable! I’m so upset just hearing that.


    2. Wait a minute – are you telling me that there are women out there who refuse to touch their butt to a public toilet seat?  If true, this is very sad.  I always thought the old joke about people believing they could catch a disease from a toilet seat was just that – a joke.


      1. Ya leftfield….you have no idea.  When I wrote it I was wondering if men had the same problem in men’s rooms.  However, I understand some men have bad aim too lol.


    3. I cannot believe you had these two experiences. Crazy! The woman who touched your son in a corrective manner needs to be corrected herself. I will admit that when a kid is screaming and his mother is yelling – or crying – I will go up and try to distract the child and, if mom is crying, ask if there’s something I can do to help. But I can’t believe anyone would do what that woman did to your son!And in Sunflower market – so much for peace and love and organic food!


  8. Ya I was waiting for her to pull off her face and point to the hidden camera, haha.
    That’s okay, my son needs to learn how to deal with stuff like that and know that stuff like that happens.  So luckily that time it was just a grumpy buttinski, and she didn’t slap him hard, just enough to shock him.
    Plus I can become a real witch if I’m sick or it’s hot or whatever.  I don’t have good self-control or positivity in those instances.  I can’t imagine also having to deal with being creaky and achey all the time.  Hopefully she was just having a bad day or something.
    AZ…I swear I’ve seen your name somewhere before.  You don’t happen to be a member of any raw food or diabetes sites?


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