Recess Coaches and NCLB

I spent my blogging time over here today, talking about the new trend of “recess coaches.” Feel free to jump over there and comment – especially you parents of school-age children. (I think you’ll like the site simply because it is just easier on the eyes.) Other than that, you might want to note that Pres. Obama’s proposed rewrite to No Child Left Behind looks like it might be good news for the vast majority of schools that are not failing – but not necessarily excelling either. And, for those of you counting, UA’s Paul Portney’s announcement that he’s going to step down as dean of the Eller College of Management next year brings the dean shake-up count at UA to at least six since the “restructuring” began nearly two years ago.

The deans of the now no-longer-on-their-own colleges of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts (all now part of the mega Colleges of Letters, Arts and Sciences) and the dean of UA South all resigned/retired within the last year, and the dean of University College was removed for insubordination in a tiff with Provost Meredith Hay. There have been a number of higher ups who’ve been jostled around the UA chess board, everyone jostling to stay employed (who can blame them?) or save their schools in the Transformation Process.

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