COVID and politics got you filled with hate? Me, too.

… but I hope there’s a better way.

I know it is almost impossible to listen to someone who is spouting falsehoods, but in my most recent column for the Arizona Daily Star, I examine how hatred of the other is destroying me and how I want to find a better way.

Part of that better way is listening, not debating. Obviously certain things are non-negotiable issues, like racism. We’re not going to say the KKK is okay, no matter what the other side says.

That said, if we can find out why people think the way they do, perhaps we can influence them toward better beliefs. Maybe just listening and then asking, “How do you know that is true?” or “Where did you get that fact?” and then if the source wouldn’t pass muster in a high school Civics class, we can show a better way.

All I know is we can’t keep going on this way and stay sane. We have to fight this division. It is only helping the extremely rich and powerful. And me thinks most of that group could care less about the rest of us.

I hope you’ll read my column (here) and offer any suggestions for how you are going to move forward in 2021. My email contact is at the end of the column. Please share it widely if you feel so moved.

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