Bored awaiting your vaccine? Try these time-killers

Were you excited last month listening to President Biden’s inaugural address, full of hope and relief like I was? Were you thinking, “Yay! Everything will be better – or at least more stable – now?”

Me, too. Then February came and I realized I wasn’t just waiting this past year for a change of president. I was waiting for an end to COVID-19, which I thought was coming with the vaccines.

Then, the vaccines came, but the fine print about who got the shot when turned my excitement back to a little bit of despair. It turns out, those of us blessed with health and youth (defined for COVID purposes as “under the age of 65”) will be waiting quite awhile.

So how should we kill time until we get our life-saving shot in the arm? I’ve got 12 interesting – and possibly funny – ideas for you right here. And one that a reader sent in after reading my ideas is also pretty great: Take up taxidermy of road kill. 🙂

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