Natural immunity should count for something

In case you haven’t noticed, people are dog tired of #pandemiclife. It was one thing to be locked down for a few months in March of 2020, a communal effort to save the elderly and protect hospitals from implosion. The vast majority of people took the sacrifice in stride.

But we just passed the 18-month mark of living with COVID-19, and people are done. D.O.N.E.

In the beginning, the hope was once we reached herd immunity, we’d return to normal. But it’s become rather obvious there are too many people with too much hesitation about a too-new vaccine to reach herd immunity via vaccination alone anytime soon.

But you know what might get us there? Letting proof of immunity through COVID infection serve as equal to that of vaccination. This would increase trust in public health officials and, thus, vaccination rates. Other countries are already doing this with success.

Let’s just say here that we don’t know all we need to know – all we WILL know in a few more months and years – about native immunity. But what we know shows it should count for something, especially if that something gets us closer to more vaccination. Read the rest of my Sunday Arizona Daily Star op-ed right here.

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