Give the gift of vaccination

I caught a cold after Thanksgiving. Twenty-one family members had gathered, mostly outside, and two small children brought runny noses with them. Little stinkers 🙂 Naturally, we thought it might be COVID-19 because, as a friend recently said, “Will there ever again be a time we think any illness isn’t COVID?” Probably not.

So out came the home-testing kits. One, two, and finally — just to be certain when I was still sick nine days out — three. All negative.

Great news, but nerve-wracking nonetheless. After all, COVID-19 is the number one cause of death in my home state of Arizona and number three in my county. Plus, unless you’re a toddler, shoving foreign objects up your nose isn’t natural. Just sayin’.

This experience made me think a lot about COVID-19 treatment options, since our preventative ones — vaccines, masks, social distancing and, my go-to, which is eating a pint of chocolate gelato at one sitting — haven’t ended the pandemic. Continue reading here.

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