Catholics: Stop donating to Church

I’ve read with interest the dozens of op-eds, blogs and social media posts since the Aug. 14 release of the Pennsylvania grand jury report detailing Catholic priest atrocities against more than 1,000 children over a 70-year period. Everyone says things need to change, but no one is offering exactly how Catholics can get change in a centuries old, hierarchical, patriarchal institution — or at least they’re are not willing to say it out loud.

So, I will: Stop donating to the Church, immediately, and for as long as necessary. Read more of my guest editorial for the Aug. 26 Arizona Daily Star.

3 Replies to “Catholics: Stop donating to Church”

  1. Hi, I read your article in the Star and felt it ridicules and misguided. The parish I belong to does a lot of good (directly) for the homeless and women who are victims of domestic violence, mental and physical illnesses, with the help of my (and others) hard earned money. How is hurting the innocents who depend on our financial help with the church going to solve the awful scandals. Your not the only one who sacrifices time and money. On your five recommendations, many parents or public school teachers you see on the news brutalize their own children and students, how is not being celibate going to prevent abuse, where is your documented proof of that. Wouldn’t we run out of priests if we didn’t have dedicated young men under 30 in the seminary. What makes a woman/mother able to judge candidates for seminary and ordination, do you have some magical powers to read a mans soul and mind. Woman are just as much sinners as men (like myself) and women even have issues like porn addiction on the rise. Regarding your urge to not leave a child alone with a priest, that should be for every situation for instance the gymnastics scandal and there are more public school accusations of abuse nation wide, then for Catholic Priests. Are you never going to let your children participate in sports at school or be tutored by a teacher. Of course we are all tired of the corruption, we don’t need people like you trying to force your own personal agenda. I hope our fellow catholics ignore your bad ideas, the Church has survived 2000 years of scandal and persecution, God is perfect man is not. With the favor of God the church will endure, and keep it’s traditions and not give in to liberal ideas. Thanks and God bless.


    1. Dear Michael, thank you for writing. I believe this controversy – especially the cover up – comes from clericalism. That is the state where clergy feel they are better than laity (often this is subconscious), especially the bishops. You are correct that with holding money will not help the poor but as I said you can directly give to the poor. You don’t have to give through church. However my primary point was that the only way to get the bishops attention is to stop giving money and explain why. And indeed, it has gotten their attention. I will be starting to give money again at my local parish in a month. I will be discussion other options on Friday Oct. 5 on Wake Up Tucson, 1030 on the AM dial at 8 a.m. I would love it if you listen and call in and have a dialogue.


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