Me, and radio: Wake up Tucson

I had my first radio appearance this week on Chris DeSimone’s Wake Up Tucson show, taking a deep dive into the recent Catholic Church controversy about which bishops knew what and when in regard to the sexual abuse of minors by clergy. He’d asked me on the show after reading my Arizona Daily Star column saying Catholics should close their wallets until bishops get their act together.

It wasn’t an easy column for a Catholic nerd to write, but it was necessary, and Chris asking me onto the show demonstrates two things: God has a sense of humor and S/he wants all the People of God to connect.

Chris is known primarily for being a critic of local politics (and some politicians), and the station as a whole – like much of talk radio – leans right. But he’s also a faithful, thinking, Catholic heavily involved in his parish and frustrated and disappointed in the Church hierarchy at this time. So he was the perfect person to have this conversation with, and by the end of the show, I felt I’d made a new brother in the pews. (Hey, brother!) Take a listen to what I hope will be the first of a few conversations with Chris as laity come to the fore in this difficult time in the Church. #lettherevolutionbegin #betheantidote


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