Time for a change

Regular readers – plus friends and family – know that I’ve been writing for publication since way back in high school. My career, such as it was, has been circuitous, as children and many moves across states had me freelancing here and there and all over the place.

While I spent a good number of years reporting and writing news and features both full and part-time, most of my career has been in opinion writing. I first started with family life columns, then moved to political and cultural columns and finally, the latest iteration has been as a twice-monthly Sunday op-ed columnist for the Arizona Daily Star.

That gig ends today, as I take a step back from being a columnist and a step toward healing my body, mind and spirit after three difficult years (surely some of you noticed things are whackadoodle out there, yes?) and an even bigger step toward finishing a novel that’s been sitting in a drawer for years. I invite you to read my reasoning in coming to this decision in my final column for the Arizona Daily Star right here.

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