Respect for – and from – the homeless

Homelessness is a super complicated issue, made more so by addiction (thank you Sackler family and pharmaceutical greed).

That said, when I read about the protests against fixing up a local park so the families in the neighborhood could use it — protests that homeless advocates think will unfairly punish the unhoused who congregate en masse in the parks — I had to write about it.

I know a little about this, as I’ve journeyed with homeless relatives off and on for three decades and I’ve spent quite a bit of time speaking with homeless people. Since the column ran, I’ve heard from other people who’ve volunteered with the homeless and from a formerly homeless teacher — all of whom say my assessment is accurate.

It may seem harsh to some and I certainly don’t think those struggling with homelessness should be ignored. But I do think they should be required to show the same dignity to others that they want for themselves. You can read the column here, and I look forward to your perspectives.

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